House-hunter stumbles across ordinary looking home with a prison in the basement

A property listing for a four bedroom, four bathroom home in Vermont, US, has gone viral after people discovered it contained rows of jail cells in the basement

A woman browsing through property listings online was left stunned after stumbling across an ordinary-looking home with a terrifying prison in the basement.

TikTok user @Angelikaisanerd found a property in Vermont, US, which went on the market for a little over £100,000 ($150,000), featuring four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The online listing on Zillow describes it as a “historic home built in 1880” with “so much character throughout”, and it’s not until you look further through the description – or pictures – that it addresses the addition in the basement.

After casually mentioning that the roof over the jail as been recently repaired, it explains: “The main house served as the jailer’s residence and attached to the north wall of the house is the former Essex County Jail (discontinued in 1969).

“The jail still exhibits the prison cells with barred windows & the jailer’s office. Bring your own ideas on what this wing could be!”

Photos show rows of cells formed of thick metal bars in a badly neglected state, with the old beds, toilets and other fittings left to rot years after being abandoned.

From the outside you would never know it existed and Angelika was left terrified, saying: “Urgh, this house is so creepy.

“So I was looking up weird houses because that’s something I do sometimes, and I was like ‘how the hell did this one make it to the list?’

“Started going through the pictures, I was like ‘oh not bad, it’s a little dated but whatevs. Peel off that wallpaper you could make it look real nice and farmyardy’.

“Until I realised that Satan lives in the basement . What in the serial killer is this!?

“At least it has a bathroom, that needs just a little bit of TLC and that will perk right up, huh? What if the last person that used this toilet didn’t flush, because the condition of this bathroom tells me they may not have.”

The video racked up thousands of likes, and everyone seemed to have the same idea as one viewer said: “Definitely has jail bed and breakfast material written all over it.”

A second said: “That house is definitely haunted.”

And another added: “I live in the area of this house/jail! It’s well known here.”