Cocktail of the week: Funkidory’s south-east side – recipe

This is a super-easy and very refreshing drink for the summer months. Mead has made a strong comeback in recent years, and it works beautifully in this twist on that classic gin cocktail, the Southside Fizz. It plays on our south-east London location, swapping the traditional mint for sage and lengthening it with sparkling mead rather than soda. We use Gosnell’s mead, which is made near us in Peckham, and widely available, especially online; failing that, use a mead that’s local to you instead.

South-east side
Serves 1

30ml London dry gin
15ml lemon juice
10ml basic 2:1 sugar:water syrup
5 sage leaves, plus 1 sprig to garnish
80ml sparkling mead

Put the gin, lemon juice, syrup and sage leaves in a highball glass, then use a long spoon to push the leaves gently to the bottom of the glass, to release their flavour but without crushing them. Add ice and the sparkling mead, stir again to combine, then garnish with the sage sprig and serve.